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The Ultimate Trader Joe’s Dinner Recipe Collection

Packed with 15 nutritious & delicious dinner recipes that are super quick & easy to make!

Created by our nutritionist Narina for women who want to lose weight, each recipe is 350-400 calories per serving and is full of good-for-you protein, veggies, healthy carbs & healthy fats.

Each recipe is for two servings. You can eat one serving tonight & the other serving tomorrow. (Cook once/eat twice!)

To help you get organized in the kitchen and adjust recipes to your preferences, we’re also including: 

  • Cooking Oils Guide: A list of the healthiest oils and what to consider when choosing an oil for cooking.

  • Must Have Staples Guide: A list of healthy staples available year-round at Trader Joe’s, plus the produce that stays the freshest the longest.

  • Seasonings Guide: A list of herbs, spices, veggies & condiments that are Nutritionist approved!

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I love the ease & simplicity of preparing these delicious recipes.

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