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How to get back to your healthy eating routine


So your eating habits have slipped and you’re ready to get back to a healthy routine?

It can feel tough to get back on track after time off. And it’s tempting to jump into a restrictive diet in an attempt to “make up” for lost time.

But going to extremes will almost always backfire and lock you into a frustrating diet-binge cycle.

For a more practical & sustainable approach, here are our top eight tips.


4 Mindset Tips


#1 Let go of the judgment

We ALL overindulge. There’s no need to feel guilty or turn it into a moral issue. Rather than dwelling on what you feel you did wrong, accept that you’re human and then refocus on habits that will support your goals.


#2 Don’t punish yourself

Restricting your calories too low or cutting out all your favorite foods may result in short term weight loss but will trigger feelings of deprivation & result in an unhealthy pattern of gaining and losing.


#3 Add, don’t subtract

Instead of focusing on what to remove from your diet, consider all the healthy, delicious foods you can add. Increasing your consumption of vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and lean protein will help you feel satisfied and provide the energy that your brain & body need to function at their best.


#4 Celebrate your wins

Recognizing what you’re doing well will motivate you to keep going. Each day acknowledge one positive choice you made: for example, eating a healthy breakfast, opting for fruit instead of a cookie, including vegetables with dinner. Each small win adds up to progress in the right direction



4 Practical Tips


#5 Pack your lunch & healthy snacks

You’ll be able to fuel your body well throughout the day, no matter how busy or hectic it gets. Having healthy food at your fingertips allows you to manage your hunger and avoid overeating.


#6 Include a serving of fruit or vegetables

This will increase your nutrient & fiber intake and help you feel full & satisfied throughout the day.


#7 Include protein

Protein increases satiety for longer & helps reduce cravings and is important to include with EVERY meal & snack.


#8 Drink 64 oz. of water daily

Staying hydrated helps you feel refreshed, boosts your energy, fills your stomach, and prevents false hunger pangs.



To get started, why not select one mindset strategy & one practical strategy to try? You might be surprised by how different you feel in just a few days.

And once you have those down, you can move on to the next strategy and keep up the momentum.

And if you’re looking for a more structured experience to help you get back on track, check out our amazing Meal Plan Membership where you get nutritionist-designed meal plans and step-by-step guidance.

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