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Hi, we're Elaine & Nar! We help make healthy eating easy.

We know healthy eating can feel like a struggle. We’ve each had our personal challenges with nutrition.


Elaine struggled with spending too much time & energy trying to “eat clean” throughout her 20s & 30s. She thought her “healthy lifestyle” would make her feel vibrant & energetic, but instead it left her feeling drained, overwhelmed & discouraged.


Narina (Nar) spent her early years caught in the diet cycle. She tried everything: the cabbage soup diet, Atkins, Weight name it! And every diet worked – momentarily. But none was sustainable for the long term. She’d lose & gain and lose & gain, over & over.


But by the time we met (way back in 2000), we each realized we needed a more practical & realistic approach to nutrition. Nar pursued her Master’s Degree in Nutrition, and Elaine got certified as a Nutrition Coach.


The magic happened when we decided to combine our experience, education & insights to develop a whole new way of eating.


We took the “best practices” that we learned and created a practical & doable healthy eating system.


Over time we’ve continued to refine our system. Constantly asking ourselves, “How can we take the core principles of good nutrition and make them more practical & doable for busy people?“


One of the ways we’ve chosen to do that is to create meal plans using only Trader Joe’s products (even though we have no affiliation with Trader Joe’s). One-stop shopping at Trader Joe’s helps our clients save time & money.


Plus, our healthy eating system gives our clients peace of mind and a sense of calmness because they no longer feel stressed or anxious about what to eat.


This system has improved our own lives, and has helped thousands of others do the same.

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"Thank you Elaine and Nar for all the delicious meal plans and for the support and coaching sessions oh and for making it all exciting!"

Griselda L.

"I’ve had great results & I know it’s because the system is so well designed and I have access to Elaine & Narina’s amazing wealth of knowledge! 

Charlotte J.

"Thank you, thank you, Narina and Elaine, for putting together this amazing program, and for showing me another way to look at food."

Jennifer G.

The Healthy Eating at Trader Joe's Meal Plan App is like nothing you've tried before.

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We're not affiliated with Trader Joe's.

We're just big fans!