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Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail


This delicious three-ingredient cocktail recipe is a little sweet & a little sour with a bit of fizzle. Plus, it’s less than 100 calories and the pomegranate juice is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C.

It’s also super simple to make. Shake it up in minutes and enjoy - any time of year!

And if you prefer a mocktail, use extra mineral water in place of vodka.




Makes 1 serving
All ingredients purchased @ Trader Joe's



  • 1 oz. (1/8 cup) vodka

  • 1 oz. (1/8 cup) Organic 100% Pomegranate Juice

  • Sparkling Lime Mineral Water

  • cup of ice



  1. Combine the vodka & pomegranate juice in a shaker.

  2. Shake well & pour over ice.

  3. Top off with mineral water.

  4. Enjoy!


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