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Mango Jicama Salad with Roasted Shrimp


In this recipe we share our secret method for the fastest, easiest, mess-free way to roast shrimp from frozen. (No thawing necessary!)

And the roasted shrimp goes perfectly with this light, refreshing salad & tangy sweet lime dressing.

This quick & easy meal is nutritious and delicious! The shrimp is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids while the salad is packed with vitamin C and fiber.



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Makes 2 servings
All ingredients purchased @ Trader Joe's



  • ½ bag (8 oz.) Argentinian Red Shrimp

  • 1 lemon

  • 1 teaspoon Cuban Style Citrusy Garlic Seasoning Blend

  • 1 container Mango Jicama Slaw

  • ½ bag Organic Shredded Green & Red Cabbage with Orange Carrots



  1. Line a rimmed baking sheet with nonstick aluminum foil and place it in an oven or toaster oven. Pre-heat the oven and baking sheet at 400° F for ten minutes.

  2. Meanwhile, place the frozen shrimp in a colander and rinse under cool running water for one minute. Shake the colander to remove excess water and then transfer to a bowl.

  3. Squeeze the juice of the lemon over the shrimp & sprinkle with seasoning. Stir well so that each shrimp is coated.

  4. Carefully take the preheated baking sheet out of the oven. Pour the shrimp onto it and use tongs to arrange them in a single layer, evenly spaced apart.

  5. Roast 8-10 minutes, until shrimp become opaque.

  6. Remove baking sheet, cut shrimp into small pieces, and set aside.

  7. Pour the Mango Jicama Slaw and shredded cabbage into a bowl. Add the roasted shrimp & dressing. Toss well.

  8. Divide onto two plates. Enjoy!



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