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Strawberry Burrata Spinach Salad


This beautiful salad is sweet, crunchy, tangy and savory. Eating your greens never tasted so good!

The jicama sticks add a delicate & refreshing crunch, the Burrata Mozzarella adds a rich, creamy flavor, and the fresh & freeze-dried strawberries add just the right touch of sweetness.

We love using Trader Joe’s seasonal Strawberry Basil Vinaigrette with its hints of citrus, basil & strawberry. But if it’s not available, TJ’s Balsamic Vinaigrette also works well.



Makes 2 servings
All ingredients purchased @ Trader Joe's



  • 1 pack baby spinach

  • 1 pack jicama sticks, diced

  • ½ container (6 oz.) strawberries, sliced

  • ¼ cup Strawberry Basil Vinaigrette

    • If you can’t find this seasonal product, use TJ’s Balsamic Vinaigrette instead.

  • ½ container (1 ball/4 oz.) Burrata Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, cut into small pieces

  • ½ pack freeze dried strawberries

  • ¼ cup (~20) raw pecan halves



  1. Pour the baby spinach leaves into a colander. Discard any bad leaves and then pour the remaining leaves into a medium salad bowl.

  2. Add the jicama sticks, fresh strawberries, and dressing.

  3.  Toss well and divide into two equal portions.

  4. Top each portion with ½ ball (2 oz.) Burrata, ¼ pack freeze dried strawberries, and 10 pecan halves. Enjoy!


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