Top Ten Trader Joe's Sweet Treats


You know we love Trader Joe’s because they help make healthy eating so practical & convenient.

But you probably also know that Trader Joe’s is a treasure trove of yummy sweet treats.

And while we wouldn’t want to overindulge in sweets every day, we do encourage you to plan a couple of treats each week.

That’s because enjoying treats in moderation helps you avoid feelings of deprivation and makes it easier to stick with your plan.

Because most treats are dense in calories, portions should be small. The simplest way to keep your treat moderate is to limit it to approximately 100 calories.

Below are ten of our favorite Trader Joe’s treats that can easily be divided into portions that are about 100 calories.



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Sweet & Savory:

  • Mini Chocolate Bars (These come in a box of 5 – either Milk Chocolate or 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate)
    • 1 bar = 100 calories
  • Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • 8 cookies = 100 calories
  • Bamba Puffed Peanut & Corn Snacks
    • 10 pieces = 100 calories
  • Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn
    • ½ cup = 130 calories
  • Double Chocolate Almond Flour Cookies
    • 5 pieces = 107 calories


Frozen Section:

  • Hold The Dairy Mini Coconut Frozen Dessert Cones - Chocolate
    • 2 cones = 123 calories
  • Gone Berry Crazy
    • 6 pieces = 100 calories 
  • Gone Bananas
    • 4 pieces = 120 calories 
  • Mango Cream Bars
    • 1 bar = 110 calories
  • Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars
    • 1 bar = 100 calories



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