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Your Healthy Holiday Eating Plan


Holidays and healthy eating are NOT mutually exclusive!

If the thought of all the mouthwatering food during festivities leaves you feeling uneasy, don’t worry. Whether it's Thanksgiving, a special birthday, or any cherished holiday, you CAN enjoy the celebration without derailing your healthy eating journey. All you need is the right mindset and some practical strategies.

Here are three simple steps that will help you take control and end the day feeling great.



#1 Set your intention. 

Decide what you most want to get out of the day and how you want to feel by the end of it. Ask yourself:

  • What significance does this day hold for me & how can I incorporate it into the celebration?
  • What activities or conversations will help make this day meaningful?
  • How can I infuse fun & joy into the day?
  • What role do I want food & drink to play throughout the day?


#2 Plan healthful meals & snacks.

Rather than skipping meals & saving calories for a big feast, you’ll feel better & have more energy if you eat normal meals & snacks throughout the day. Here’s a simple menu suggestion to keep you on track:

  • Breakfast:
    • 1 slice whole grain toast with ¼ avocado
    • + ½ cup egg whites
    • + 1 orange
  • AM Snack:
    • 1 apple + 12 almonds
  • Lunch:
    • Green salad with 3 oz. grilled chicken
  • PM Snack:
    • 15 baby carrots + 2 tablespoons hummus + 10 blue corn tortilla chips
  • Dinner (Holiday Meal)
    • See below for suggestions.



#3 Strategize your holiday plate.

The holiday meal should be enjoyable & delicious, but it doesn’t have to throw you off track. Decide in advance which holiday treats you most want to taste and then build the rest of your plate from there. Follow these simple guidelines to create a satisfying and nourishing meal:

  • 3 – 5 oz. of protein (ex: turkey, fish, tofu...whatever is being served at your holiday meal)
  • 2 or more cups of vegetables (salad and/or steamed, roasted, or grilled veggies)
  • 1 serving of carbohydrate (½ - 1 cup sweet or regular potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, pasta or 1 slice of bread)
  • 2 treats: Enjoy a small serving of two of your favorite holiday treats: dessert, appetizer, side dish, or alcohol! By planning your treats in advanced, you can enjoy them guilt-free!


And here’s a bonus tip:

Only eat the best of the best! If you try something you don’t absolutely love, you don’t need to finish it! Instead, save room for your favorites.

When your next holiday celebration comes around, try following these three simple steps. With just a bit of advanced planning, you can go into any holiday feeling calm & peaceful.

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